What is this all about?

Poster: Download, Print, and Post!

You can download, print and post the #MISSINGOBAMA poster to help spread the message! Don't forget to connect via facebook and instagram below.

Obama is missing because we miss him, not because he is physically missing. Additionally, the role he played as president for eight years is also 'missing'. Trump is severely unqualified to act as the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

  • This poster, a display of political levity, is not intended to make light of our political atmosphere. It intends to validate the way in which we cope with feelings of anger, fear, sadness, confusion and helplessness through humor, as figures such as Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert do. Although this poster, at first glance, seems to be focused on the past, the subtle humor hints to a forward-thinking mentality. Being able to laugh about something uncomfortable or painful helps us move forward.
  •  This poster also represents the importance of freedom of expression. It encourages us to be vocal and engage in political conversation. The election is over but democracy isn't. Speaking up can mean anything, from something as simple as liking a post to something more interactive like organizing a protest. Expression is vital on every level.


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